Mid Rock Story

Mid Rock's story is a new one - it's only just begun.

History of Mid Rock

Before the 1970s the land on which Mid Rock is built was grass land in front of the Coastguard's cottage.

In the second half of the 1900s lighthouses around the coast of the British Isles were gradually automated. This meant many of the properties and much of the surrounding lands owned by the Northern Lighthouse Board were sold off. Where Mid Rock now stands a bungalow known as Kingarth was built and shortly afterwards followed a second bungalow alongside.

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Bungalow to Beauty

In the beginning was a brown 70s bungalow...but the location was perfect. Sitting just above the beach you can almost dangle your feet in the water at high tide.

So began an adventure.

We chose Wil Tunnell of WTArchitecture and between us our new beach house was imagined. Drawings and plans soon followed, and once planning permission was granted demolition of the bungalow was swift. A year later our dream beach house was in it's place. We are thrilled - it's beautiful. Hope you agree!

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Eco Living at Mid Rock

We were keen to incorporate as many eco features as possible when building our new house.

At Mid Rock almost the entire south facing sloping roof is made of photovoltaic panels, making the very most of the Scottish sun.

We also have a beautiful sedum roof; it's magical watching cheeky sparrows flit and play on it as you lie in bed in the mornings when the blinds have been lifted.

As with many contemporary houses there is a fair amount of glass at Mid Rock. When the sun shines the house is quick to warm up, even in the middle of winter when it's low in the sky it's rays fill the space with natural warmth. For the colder greyer days and evenings we have 2 wood burning stoves.

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